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Posted by Ivan Hidayat 2017-07-06

Fun photo editting app that works pretty good most of the time.

Posted by Heather Crawford 2017-07-06

Really cool. Especially the smile part. I have really ugly teeth and the smile one shows me how pretty I could look if only I could afford to get my teeth fixed.

Posted by veronica Kasendo 2017-07-06


Posted by Jagdiesh Jaggu 2017-07-05

Good one

Posted by Mamadi Dailami 2017-07-05


Posted by MrViveknaren 2017-07-05

Its fun

Posted by Dipak sp 2017-07-05


Posted by nicholas munroe 2017-07-05

The app works vary good but you have to take the pic out side of the app for it to work

Posted by Drummer & Organist Bobby 2017-07-04

You gotta have some rules to take your pictures and edit it.

Posted by Saketh Reddy 2017-07-03

It's creepily accurate.

Posted by SNAKE IX 2017-07-03

Nice but pls add more

Posted by varatha raj 2017-07-03

It's ok

Posted by Willy Suryaputra 2017-07-03

Not bad

Posted by Sam Hatcher 2017-07-02

Put teeth on babies. Do it.

Posted by 2017-07-02

I wish this will work on animals and also have the hot filter

Posted by Dharam J Chitodiya 2017-07-02

Its very best good

Posted by Siddysky and Lodo2014 MasterChanel 2017-07-02


Posted by mukunda HN 2017-07-02


Posted by Freddy FF 2017-07-01


Posted by 2017-07-01


Posted by Gunasingh john thomas 2017-07-01

Love it!!!!! It's quite different and fantastic

Posted by Traian Dragut 2017-07-01

Is a good application to edit faces and some filters are fun. I really liked that they fix their bugs as originally I had an issue and they fixed it. The child and female 2 filters seem slightly bugged, but rest worked good.

Posted by Stacey Gilliver 2017-07-01


Posted by Abu sufian sufian 2017-07-01


Posted by LintaN Chris DerpyHooves 2017-06-30

My church told me this

Posted by Jolie Miller 2017-06-30

Simple, but does what it says.

Posted by Md Jowel Rana 2017-06-30

nice app to do fun

Posted by sharif hussain 2017-06-30


Posted by Leo Bird 2017-06-30


Posted by 2017-06-30

Great job. I like it.

Posted by Angela Watson 2017-06-29

Would be better if we didn't have to make a collage just to try an affect.

Posted by Vagabond Apps 2017-06-29


Posted by Krystal D 2017-06-29

Bring back the spark filter and I will rate this app 5 stars.

Posted by Oyep Benito Sullivan 2017-06-29

Nice, keep it up

Posted by haiderai81 ali shah 2017-06-28


Posted by Nate Burns 2017-06-28


Posted by AltHalt 2017-06-28

I originally had a different rating. Since then, they've fixed that and added more. It is now a functional app that I would recommend.

Posted by Stelios Andreou 2017-06-28

Nice and fun

Posted by nadine tyra lustre 2017-06-28


Posted by amalesh Logesh 2017-06-28


Posted by Rick Christian 2017-06-27

Great for the new toys!

Posted by 2017-06-27

It's a good application

Posted by Abid Koushik 2017-06-27

It's ok

Posted by Pû Jā Dăs 2017-06-27


Posted by Clay Damron 2017-06-27

Always fun when an app crashes upon opening over and over again. Edit: revised review after devs fixed bug

Posted by Giulio Starace 2017-06-27

App crashes as soon as I open it... Samsung s7. Edit: works fine after update

Posted by ruhul amin 2017-06-27


Posted by Azhan Ahmad 2017-06-27


Posted by Lioness Lee2 2017-06-26

It's interesting but what would make it more awesome are the ethnic features of each race and mythical creatures, aliens included. Just an idea.

Posted by Arjun Heisnam 2017-06-26


Posted by Des Lynch 2017-06-26


Posted by Abu S 2017-06-26

Good to imagine young and old ...best app

Posted by Sushil Kumar Bawali 2017-06-26

Nice one

Posted by ajith kumar 2017-06-25


Posted by 2017-06-25

It's a good tool to express creative things...

Posted by Josh Spaincue 2017-06-24

I'm just chilling and waiting for more

Posted by Shubham Jain 2017-06-23

Its really a good and enjoyable app. I suggest you to download the app.

Posted by 2017-06-23

It's a great app for modification of photos

NicePosted by johan rahmawan 2017-06-23


Posted by Mohan 86 318 2017-06-23

Good app

Posted by 2017-06-22

Ini amat bagus

Posted by tuheen panda 2017-06-22

Posted by Simphiwe Busakwe 2017-06-21

Lol, couldn't stop playing with this app, love it

Posted by HASANUR MOLLAH 2017-06-21

Soooo.. Funnnnyyyyy

Posted by Shrouk Roka 2017-06-21


Posted by Rakesh Tirpathi 2017-06-21

Posted by Mohammad Syukuriman Bin Delahan 2017-06-20

Oh yeahhhh

Posted by PøŦţĔŕ ËmMã 2017-06-20

Pretty cool

Posted by Jim Akash 2017-06-20


Posted by hoasam n 2017-06-20

Good app

Posted by Meghraj Kakade 2017-06-20

Fabulous hhhhhh

Posted by Iris_ Cable 2017-06-19

This app gives you the ability to change your face to almost any expression you want. Is a great app for making interesting photos in which you can turn into memes. Overall I would give this app a 4 star rating

Posted by Ananth ML Kalyan 2017-06-19


Posted by Isabelle Alencar 2017-06-19

Quem veio por causa do T3ddy?

Posted by Mehedi Mahmud 2017-06-19


Posted by Dilipkumar M 2017-06-19

Overall fantastic

Posted by kusyana sumantri 2017-06-19

i've just download and its funny

Posted by ratheesh varnachithra 2017-06-19

Nice app

Posted by Daniel Danish 2017-06-18


Posted by robert Rawlins 2017-06-18

I'm speechless

Posted by Ichsan Taufik 2017-06-17

Good job..

Posted by Charlene Orme 2017-06-17

I luv it

Posted by ellyantika niam 2017-06-16

This is good aplications

Posted by Abdul Rahman 2017-06-16

Nice app

Posted by 2017-06-16

Nice..app.. To getting new funny faces l love this app...

Posted by Rahul Nadagoud 2017-06-16

Very funny app

Posted by Anzar Chikkuz 2017-06-16

This is a good app ...... But cannot add effects in full size.... Plz fix this tooo This app is superb for effects.... Cannot add original image size filters.. Plz plz fix that too....

Posted by khamow chetia 2017-06-16

Some photos can only be done in the collage mode y?

Posted by dimas saja 2017-06-16

Nice app

Posted by salil upreti 2017-06-15

Best at all

Posted by 2017-06-15

Not bad .

Posted by SHIBIRAJ BHASKARAN 2017-06-15


Posted by Jose Mercado 956 2017-06-15

Fun and silly.

Posted by Lvtanabalan Lvbalanadam 2017-06-15

Thankyou super App

Posted by rama rout 2017-06-14

It works quite well

Posted by Niranjan behera 2017-06-14

Thanks for face app

Posted by ina maryana 2017-06-14


Posted by asuma aziz 2017-06-14

Very funny app! I like it so much!

Posted by Rik Bag 2017-06-13

Well the filters are great...but limitations when the face is not straight facing towards the camera.also for camera with lower resolution..the transformation becomes akward and many times the photo itself is not recognizable.Otherwise great app.

Posted by 2017-06-13

It a very smart app

Posted by Sa Kuntala 2017-06-13

Im not try yet

Posted by Daniel Piselli 2017-06-13

Cool Cool Cool

Posted by M. Arief B. Ariefmas 2017-06-13

Lumayan buat hiburan

Posted by Prathap raja 2017-06-13

gud for editing

Posted by Shane A.W. Dennis 2017-06-12

wants you to buy pro version but pretty neat

Posted by Ivy Mercado 2017-06-12

Need to show all the photos

Posted by Nawshin Atia 2017-06-12


Posted by Ярослав Шовырин 2017-06-12

I liked

Posted by GOVINDARAJ ELAVARASAN 2017-06-12


Posted by Elliot Bunny 2017-06-11

Its a good

Posted by notan haldar 2017-06-11


Posted by SUPER PERDUE 2017-06-11

Ure good

Posted by George K. 2017-06-11

needs more options

Posted by sai sathya 2017-06-11

if get more options so enjoy

Posted by Benjamin Morgan 2017-06-11


Posted by Robert Watrud 2017-06-10

Awesome app

Posted by Greg Kobialka 2017-06-10

Quite realistic face transformation

Posted by 2017-06-09

I think it would be even great if there's a feature that can take a whole body picture that will also adjust the body from femine to masculine or masculine to femine.

Posted by amit khandarkar 2017-06-09

Nice app

Posted by Kabou Arta 2017-06-09

Its amazing.

Posted by Brad Ramey 2017-06-09

It continues to make me laugh

Posted by hasan bahtiar 2017-06-09

It's funny

Posted by 2017-06-09

Pala bapak mu

Posted by Rian Wijaya 2017-06-08


Posted by Hatlábú Farkas 2017-06-08

Always online. Bad idea

Posted by Ramesh Balmiki 2017-06-08

Nice App, please add some more features of editing.

Posted by Brian Mendoza 2017-06-08

All in all, it was a good app, a 4 star rating will be given because it need to let you select wich face to use, or to use it in all faces. I know that app developers need money one way or another, but please just throw us a bone and many more people will use it and recommend it

Posted by Dylan John 2017-06-08

Bomb dot com

Posted by Gary Savage 2017-06-08

pretty amazing

Posted by Lori Ghiraldi 2017-06-08

It's fun but you need more features and more funny faces to make,

Posted by 2017-06-08

Sometimes the smiles can look weird but overal this app is great!

Posted by Saurav Adhikari 2017-06-08


Posted by tinkal jain 2017-06-08


Posted by Mohammed Shafeek 2017-06-08

Cool App Great Editing

Posted by nina 2017-06-08

I just started it so need to play some more with it

Posted by Dee Jay Hazarika 2017-06-08

Vry gud application for Android phone!

Posted by Delfira Suecita 2017-06-07

Thank you. I love you


Nice app and helps

Posted by Aji Muniardhi 2017-06-07


Posted by Subhasish Phukan 2017-06-07

Please don't upload to pro, it's not working, now it's working fine

Posted by Quiks Wan15 2017-06-07

Make more option when using this apps

Posted by Michael Wilkinson 2017-06-07

Some minor bug fixes with the eyes are needed mainly in the chance your gender filter

Posted by Francis Ralte 2017-06-07

When it works, it's great. But sometimes it just stops halfway

Posted by vallabh YATNESH 2017-06-07

Awesome app must try

Posted by dhanie hasan 2017-06-06

Nice app..

Posted by nenad vukusic 2017-06-06

Had fun will do it again

Posted by azhar husin 2017-06-06

fun and nice!

Posted by aditya kh 2017-06-06


Posted by Umi Thea 2017-06-06

I just love the App

Posted by 2017-06-06

Enjoyable. This app really make my day

Posted by Giantluca Aldy 2017-06-05

Awasome app, nice

Posted by PRANTIK KR. DUTTA 2017-06-05

Nice app...i was having probs but the google play team was kind enuf to help me out...

Posted by JTs food with Freinds 2017-06-05

Good app dosint work with certain picture

Posted by 2017-06-05

I download after watching its video among man city player

Posted by Irfan K 2017-06-05


Posted by Mahfuzul Islam 2017-06-05

Quite good but could be more better..

Posted by Vall Ey 2017-06-05


Posted by Mrinmoy Patra 2017-06-05

A very good face changing application...

Posted by Nayak Nayak 2017-06-04

Not bad

Posted by krithika kirthi 2017-06-04

It's awesome to tease friends

Posted by Michael Lynady 2017-06-04

What happened to younger that makes you look good? Now it makes you look like a kid

Posted by birds will be birds 2017-06-04

Anyone else get this because of Dan and Phil?

Posted by clashing hunter 2017-06-04

Good but bad at knowing kids genders

Posted by Violet Rudnick 2017-06-04

It was OK, but the smile filter looks creepy on most people.

Posted by Mohamed El Maghraby 2017-06-04

Very good experience

Posted by Mpho Ratshefola 2017-06-04

Hilarious! Awesome app!!!

Posted by Pratim Bhowmik 2017-06-04


Posted by 2017-06-04

This app is pretty cool and fun

Posted by Bala Jee 2017-06-03

Good but need more options

Posted by Hikari Mitshu 2017-06-03

I thinks it the most amazing app i downloaded but sometimes its just blury and doesnt go with my face sometimes

Posted by prasanth u 2017-06-03


Posted by Anyamas Au 2017-06-03

Fun to use. I like the spark mode the best.

Posted by Dovah Thuri 2017-06-02

It's soooo funny

Posted by minion december 2017-06-02


Posted by Joseph Bloggss 2017-06-02

Fun and functional..

Posted by Des Mitchell 2017-06-02

Good for touching your photos up

Posted by Reaping Rage 2017-06-02

Great app but they do need to work on making a boy into a girl

Posted by Mobia Tachang 2017-06-02

Nice for time pass...

Posted by j.mansoor ali j.mansoor ali 2017-06-02


Posted by POOJA SHARMA 2017-06-02

Speed is slow

Posted by 2017-06-02

Dont work, take more than 15 minutes to processing photos before i finally closed it

Posted by J -Dog 2017-06-02

Could do with more features. Good for a chuckle.

Posted by AMEER SUHAIL 2017-06-02


Posted by Rahul Bhakat 2017-06-01

1 no.

Posted by Prutha Iyer 2017-06-01


Posted by Hady Hidayat 2017-06-01

Nice app

Posted by 2017-06-01

Yaa I think it's app is very good to make fun.

Posted by Alvin's Island 3 2017-06-01


Posted by King Reichenberger 2017-06-01

Take a long time to process

Posted by Junaid Ansari 2017-06-01

Nice concept...getting new funny faces

Posted by Zuraida Endut 2017-06-01

Great app

Posted by abdallah qatarneh 2017-06-01


Posted by Thabo L Mpofu 2017-06-01

What about a skin colour changer

Posted by OVIYA N 2017-06-01


Posted by Ashfaque Ahamed 2017-06-01

It's super .I see my friends in different style

Posted by Martin Laine 2017-05-31

Largely fun and inoffensive.

Posted by Terri Hill-Turner 2017-05-31


Posted by penaka Taka 2017-05-31

This is supposed to be a meme generator, in the sparkle(?) Effect, i look like a drag queen, and that makes me a meme O K

Posted by Yong Kian Kuen 2017-05-31

This app is useful for enjoyment.

Posted by Ochi Salat 2017-05-31

An entertaining application & easy to use, good job

How to download and install FaceApp on Android/PC

Download Faceapp Apps (apk) for Android/ PC/ Windows

If smartphones with perfect cameras don’t satisfy you, it‘s time to exploit smartphone’s other functionality. Then thousands of smart image-editing applications were born to help taking selfies and photography to a new level but with tech-savvy generation today, these aren’t all. They need more special. Thus, this is the reason why FaceApp was created, it uses artificial intelligence to create “neural face transformations” such as aging your selfie or turning you the opposite gender.
And if your devices aren’t compatible with downloading, this pure FaceApp apk here is the best for you.

Why you should have FaceApp installed:

FaceApp is a smart app with all the rage that you will want to try it right away.
The awesome part is you don’t have to take selfie to use it because it connects with camera roll and you can pick some images you have been storing to try filters.
FaceApp includes many amazing filters you can opt for adding a smile to your face, or make yourself look younger or older than your age, along with spark also gives you a free Sephora make-up and change your gender if you fancy it. While other apps add elements that are fake clearly, FaceApp startlingly gives realistic results. At least in some case, images are actually pretty convincing, look even like nothing change at all.
If that isn’t enough, you can create a nice collage by selecting pictures from your collection and ready to share.
Especially, FaceApp uses images from your phone’s library but you can click a fresh selfie within the app. The best part of using images from library is that app will automatically scan them and only pick those images where your face is clear thus saving you a lot of time in selecting images.

Download FaceApp apk for free the latest version

Here at Faceappapk.online you can download absolutely free for the latest version and furiously work hard of taking proper selfies to test diferent shapes and give reviews like, maybe: SO FUNNY.

How to download FaceApp apk for Windows

As you know, Apk file is the optimal solution for devices having problems in downloading directly from Google Play or Apple Appstore, so if you are having similar difficulties in downloading FaceApp, follow steps below:
1. Install Android emulator on your PC
2. Download FaceApp for PC here and save to your PC
3. Accept softwares installed from external sources if your phones don’t allow this before (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
4. Open Android Emulator on your PC
5. Drag or Add FaceApp apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some seconds.
6. FaceApp installed on your PC, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy.
*(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download FaceApp apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

FaceApp on Google Play

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