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Posted by NC P. 2017-07-06

just have fun

Posted by Rosleey Qadir 2017-07-06


Posted by Joseph Leo Manzanilla 2017-07-06

Not bad

Posted by Anthoneth Castillo 2017-07-05

This is good

Posted by Katherine Ortiz 2017-07-05

It is okay not the funnnest yet not the best

Posted by Tobias Telhrum 2017-07-04

It's really fun! I love being able to change and morph people's faces. One complaint though; I have to use a collage to use the male/female filters. Not happy about that.

Posted by Nathaniel Khattar 2017-07-04

When ever I the a picture It gets all blurry and is so fake.

Posted by Angga Adiwirya 2017-07-03

Great app..so hilarious see the old version of me

Posted by Ravinder Yadav 2017-07-03

Good apps

Posted by Nanyo Segura 2017-07-03

It will not work

Posted by Poonam Bharti 2017-07-03


Posted by Jos070797 2017-07-03

I recommend a scanner for the face.

Posted by Tyler kettle 2017-07-03

I dont get it. Both smile options, the spark option and the young option did absolutly nothing

Posted by Dan Russell 2017-07-02

I gave 5 stars because what it does it does very well. I love the young option and the old but it would be great if it had better face detection for people looking at different angles. Even if we could select the face ourselves would help like you can in other apps. Select eyes mouth chin ears top of head. I think then it would work much better. It needs an offline mode as well so we can use without the net. A big flaw is that it crops the image to what you see in the top pane. Group photos get cropped way to much. What's worse is if you use a high mega pixel image. It gets massive amounts of cropping that looses a lot of the picture!

Posted by Siddharth Rai 2017-07-02

Definitely funny...bt amazingly horrible as well... U shud work on d future self option... Creates d future image ever...

Posted by 2017-07-01

Kinda funny, but not for me.

Posted by Thowfiqul Islam 2017-06-30


Posted by setu bhattarai 2017-06-30

can't change downloaded picture

Posted by Andrew Jensen 2017-06-30

Most stuff works except for the female filler

Posted by Rose Twirl 2017-06-29

its ok

Posted by Malaika Krishti 2017-06-29

well everything is fine but the export quality of the photo is too cheap nd worse

Posted by Rahul Khatri 2017-06-29

More filters needed

Posted by Puducherry Ram 2017-06-29


Posted by rahul dubashi 2017-06-29

It is waste of time it does not work dont download it

Posted by Josh Bayless 2017-06-27

I got the pro version... not worth it. I have less filters than before

Posted by 2017-06-27

Its good to know how your appearance when you old

Posted by Abdoulkader Gouled 2017-06-26


Posted by Emily Jones 2017-06-25

Some of the features are funny, but when I tried the male filter for a laugh it kept changing my race as well weirdly

Posted by Breese Blaze 2017-06-25

Wish there were more effects to use. Im almost 50 and when i use the young app i look the same. Maybe thats a good thing or maybe it means theres no help for me!

Posted by Raj Suriyan 2017-06-25

Hey it is not working properily

Posted by Ramesh Patel 2017-06-25

Very cool

Posted by 2017-06-24

When I first heard about this app, I was excited. Then I get into it and find out the best feature is gone. Bummer but I still tried it. Now it's a new update which keeps telling me it needs my face only and won't take a picture at all..

Posted by 2017-06-23

Its cropping pictures automatically , downgrading the quality of pictures

Posted by Rajif Husen 2017-06-22


Posted by Dimas Cranach 2017-06-22

Nice app but sometimes the smile filters change someone to a super creepy person lol like having too huge teeth

Posted by Rahul Raha 2017-06-22

It's Good but other I have to pay

Posted by Sadun Sampath 2017-06-21

Not bad

Posted by amazing world 2017-06-21

It's ok

Posted by q brown 2017-06-20

I think it would be way better if you could do a full body photo or videos.

Posted by 2017-06-20

Good app does not work if you have a beard

Posted by Bonnie Marshall 2017-06-19


Posted by Brian Crockett 2017-06-19

It's a fun app, but I haven't really messed with much of the features.

Posted by Stuart Hunt 2017-06-18

Ok for a bit of fun. The results are mixed though and not of a sufficient standard where you'd want to share them.

Posted by 2017-06-18

Good I think!!!

Posted by Mp Pradeep 2017-06-18


Posted by Randall Idell 2017-06-17

Absolutely horrifying

Posted by Jane Doe 2017-06-17

Pretty good but Id like to actually use the Spark filter. Extremely disappointed when i downloaded the app and it was gone.

Posted by jeffq luci 2017-06-16

3 stars because this app works only when you are online..

Posted by 2017-06-15

It doesn't work for children.

Posted by Ammar Khan 2017-06-15

Make full version free

Posted by 2017-06-14

I think making a female face it should make some good visual effects

Posted by KRISHNA ROY 2017-06-14

Funny app, but need to improve its feature. Only a few features are present.

Posted by sasi tharen 2017-06-14

Pls make it offline

Posted by Md. Baig Khairul Islam 2017-06-13


Posted by eric john miranda 2017-06-13

Hope there is a female selection on multiface in paid version.

Posted by Rima Touya 2017-06-12

How long I have to wait to load my photo? And does it need a wifi connection to be able to load a single photo

Posted by B. Carns 2017-06-12

It's kinda fun.

Posted by Muhammad Hosseine Sadat 2017-06-12

Not bad..

Posted by 2017-06-12

It shouldn't cost money to be able to have more photo choices. Like other games I think you should earn it not buy it.

Posted by mohsen mirzaie 2017-06-11

خوبه ولی هنوز جا داره برا بهتر شدن

Posted by Anas Khan 2017-06-11

Great concept and stuff but... they are forced it's app to be known..which is annoying!

Posted by Awesome Dawson 2017-06-10

I needs more

Posted by Megyn Smelly 2017-06-10

It doesn't always load the picture after taking it.

Posted by Ryan B 2017-06-10

This is a fun app to play with. If I were able to select a specific face within a picture that has multiple faces I'd probably consider buying it.

Posted by 2017-06-10

Its OK but not really....but..its awesome too...good application..

Posted by Eman Mamoon 2017-06-09

It's ok....

Posted by Connor Rutherford 2017-06-09

It's ok but I'd try it

Posted by pradeepa dhanushka 2017-06-09

Good.. fine

Posted by Labamba Cikano 2017-06-09

Not bad apps. Keep it up guys

Posted by mary grace dialino 2017-06-09

Its so bagal

Posted by Ikram Mallick 2017-06-08

It's good

Posted by Thomiqua Wilson 2017-06-08

Appy Douch

Posted by Kelly Lynn 2017-06-07

I paid the most to upgrade and the pictures are still only available in collage mode. What a waste of money.

Posted by 2017-06-06

Good bt should be Improve ..

Posted by Joe Martinez 2017-06-05

I don't know what the difference is between the pro version and the free version other than the pro version gives you just a few more options but for $3.99 you're better off sticking with the free version

Posted by Chloe&Jayden Davis 2017-06-05

I dont like it bc it takes up to much room

Posted by Warren J. Borg Ebejer 2017-06-05

It's cool.

Posted by Dhaher Al Balushi 2017-06-04

I paid for the pro but nothing have been change

Posted by Shahul shibu 2017-06-03


Posted by Munira Tarannum 2017-06-02


Posted by Kurniawan Blaster 2017-06-01

good app

Posted by Lusinah Musir 2017-06-01

this app good

Posted by Deepak Pal 2017-05-31

Giid app

Posted by Matt Collins 2017-05-30

Used to love the 'hot' button option on this, but since update it's no longer there?? Would pay to upgrade to get this feature, but the description doesn't make it clear whether it's included in the upgrade.....can the devs shed any light on this??? Thanks!

Posted by gokul krishna 2017-05-30

Good app but could have more features. Now it has very few, thats boaring..

Posted by Izzy Jo 2017-05-29

Eh... It's alright but. There's not a lot of choices you can use and idk I LIKE it but. I have seen better. Thanks

Posted by Justin Beiber 2017-05-29

Not very good but well

Posted by Aneesh S J 2017-05-29


Posted by Zinedine ihsan 2017-05-28

Tolong loadingnya di percepat biar gk bosen

Posted by Laurie Bain 2017-05-28

It's cool to check out, but then after doing so it's like pointless to keep down loaded unless maybe if your a kid then it may be fun, but I'm bored with this now so I will now install you! It was fun for a min.!

Posted by ProDreamCrusher 2017-05-28

I'm only salty because they removed spark.

Posted by Nostalgic NZer 2017-05-28

Needs more filters most definitely.

Posted by John Albert 2017-05-28

Thanks for this App creator, some thing different

Posted by hariharan k 2017-05-28

Gd app.. but she be a little more gd

Posted by RIK TV 2017-05-28

Wow, what an app man!!! Completely amazed! But Turning a girl's face into men and younger face doesn't really work nice. Needs lot of improvement!

Posted by valecia Smith 2017-05-27

It's not working for me

Posted by mohammed fawzy 2017-05-27

Where's spark mode ?? It's gone

Posted by John Paul Inocencio 2017-05-27

Slow Processing Phothos

Posted by Mike Dyer 2017-05-26

I paid for this but the emoticons stay in the picture, don't see case to pay for the app if I can't take off those uglys emoticons of my pictures.

Posted by Elizen Magat 2017-05-26

Hilarious. Thanks to this app I discovered that I'll probably not age well and that my male version looks a lot like my cousin.

Posted by Baljinder Singh 2017-05-26


Posted by Jince V Francis 2017-05-26

Almost one Hour am waiting..But its just showings processing your photos.

Posted by C. Russell 2017-05-26

Needs to have all filters available OUTSIDE of collage mode. And if it is only available in pro mode, you could be a little clearer on that. As of right now, its pretty good. Not worth 5☆s but I'll up my rating if you can get back to me on these things and/or change them.

Posted by Murugan Prem 2017-05-26

Older is good

Posted by Nima Eynali 2017-05-25

Ads sucks

Posted by Tawfiqul Hasan 2017-05-25

It don't work after first time I install it. Have to reinstall. Please fix the problem.

Posted by Fahad King 2017-05-25

Nice app but improve

Posted by Saroja Pradhan 2017-05-25


Posted by Jambo The Oreo Cake 2017-05-24

can we have an offline mode

Posted by Thomas Miller 2017-05-23

Forget it if you have a large beard

Posted by Adithya Nellore 2017-05-23


FUNNYPosted by King_Daniel _1odm 2017-05-23

But Ugly!

Posted by Albin Vm 2017-05-21

Not bad

Posted by oka sugangga 2017-05-21


Posted by Shefin.a S 2017-05-21

It's ok

Posted by 2017-05-21

You have to add more make up also not so obvious about this apps

Posted by Affan Mardi Shub'Khan Eko Prasetyo 2017-05-21


Posted by zian clyde 2017-05-21

Low tech

Posted by kiran ck 2017-05-21


Posted by Muralidharan Mohanarangam 2017-05-21

It is O'k

Posted by Kurupati Pandawa 2017-05-20


Posted by Paul C 2017-05-20

It won't use the whole photo it crops the pictures smaller making them useless

Posted by Uma Makeshwaran 2017-05-20

Good. Need more.

Posted by Zorayd Contreras 2017-05-20

I tell old young

Posted by Handstandcleve 101 2017-05-20


Posted by Jc Clark 2017-05-20

Kinda upset I paid $3.99 for "more features" and there aren't any.

Posted by Samar Al Motlak 2017-05-20


Posted by Sabbir Ahmed 2017-05-20

It's totally useless.....

Posted by KANNAN KIRUBAKARAN 2017-05-20

It's ok

Posted by 2017-05-20


Posted by Chandra ChiyaaN 2017-05-19

Great job

Posted by 2017-05-19

It takes forever to process a photo even if the quality is good and please make the effects better and i will buy the pro version

Posted by Amal kp 2017-05-19

Its a wonderfull app... ! you can may be prank on your friends..and make them confuse ..!! and also may be to pass time also.

Posted by M7md Gamal 2017-05-19

It's will be better to make the face selection in the free version

Posted by shibin mp 2017-05-19


Posted by Asif Shukery 2017-05-19

I not sure want i gonna to write. This app only put a ugly faces at our faces. But it's still fun

Posted by 2017-05-18

Just awesome.... I just love this app

Posted by Md Misbah 2017-05-18


Posted by Dede Van Reza 2017-05-18

Why the spark option was deleted from the new version

Posted by fannah fn7 2017-05-18

Nice chek it out its really good and real

Posted by bipin shetty 2017-05-18

Luv it

Posted by 2017-05-18

Its oi

Posted by 2017-05-18

Nice to try your future old face!

Posted by parama yudha 2017-05-17


Posted by Faizal john hill 2017-05-17

Not so good , app

Posted by Genevieve Lopez 2017-05-17


Posted by Nicole Birdy 2017-05-17

Kind of boring

Posted by klien long-jordan 2017-05-17

the face reading software could be more flexible but pretty good

Posted by Ramón Ayala 2017-05-17

It's okay. The teeth are ugly. Some features in the old, woman and man don't fit to the face or pic.

Posted by Hyder Himmathi 2017-05-17

It has to improve on childhood face ... Specially used by females who want to apply young face make up sketching ...

Posted by Nashrul Iman 2017-05-17


Posted by 2017-05-17

Is it ok

Posted by yhob zuplado 2017-05-17


Posted by Raw Singer 2017-05-17

Slow processing

Posted by Ira Catherine Gayod 2017-05-16

its nice

Posted by Nikkol Daniels 2017-05-16

It is horible

Posted by Nandita Roy 2017-05-16

Good app

Posted by xtopher david 2017-05-16

I can't believe I just spent 6 dollars for no really useful additional features

Posted by Fatin Nabilah Baharudin 2017-05-16

Have to pay and it is really frustrating.

Posted by hakim aditya 2017-05-16


Posted by Gusdepa Vengeance 2017-05-16

Not bad

Posted by v raj 2017-05-16

Need to improve more

Posted by Aminuddin Sutedja 2017-05-15

Ok..just test

Posted by Dinusha Rajapaksha 2017-05-15


Posted by Balentay 2017-05-15

I would appreciate if both female filters didn't make me look like a literal baby thanks.

Posted by Ricky Stretch 2017-05-15

Bought pro edition thinking there were more features. Wasted money.

Posted by Guerric Haché 2017-05-15

Doesn't work well with beards.

Posted by Thiyaan Thiyagu2016 2017-05-15


Posted by Cena Sedhu 2017-05-15

It's. Funny

Posted by Kendra Meyer 2017-05-15

Its really funny but the option to make yourself look like a male hardly ever works...Seems like it still has some glitches to sort out...

Posted by Castiel Joиgdae リチャード 2017-05-14

Has some pretty strong filters, needs more though for me to commit to this app

Posted by turnof 2222 2017-05-14

I love it

Posted by 2017-05-14

its nice

Posted by ejam keding 2017-05-14

erm erm

Posted by 2017-05-14

Processing photo

Posted by subin 777 2017-05-14


Posted by Becki C 2017-05-14

This app is fun for about 5 seconds. Once you have gone through the 7 filters, that's it. Needs more to make it interesting.

Posted by Geebran El M 2017-05-14

Not bad at all

Posted by some random guy 2017-05-14

Pretty cool stuff not much variety tho

Posted by Jsk Ahamed 2017-05-14

Face app is small boy. After super boy

Posted by navaneeth pottekkattu 2017-05-14

Nice one

Posted by 2017-05-14

App is good but taking more time for processing but I have four GB ram on my phone

Posted by Ankit Tiwari 2017-05-14

ठीक है

Posted by Molly Jane 2017-05-14

This app is funny and brilliant ,but I just wish it can apply the filters offline and lots of other options..And with that I'll give 5-star rate to this app..✌

Posted by 2017-05-13

funny and i like it!

Posted by realactionman brindavancomputers 2017-05-13

I purchased but smile ly symbol came

Posted by AK. nasim 2017-05-13

Perfection for old age photos

Posted by 2017-05-13

Nice app..... ... suddenly phone strucks on samsung galaxy J7

Posted by 2017-05-13

Its ok, what can u expect..u cant push it to its limits :)

Posted by Vadde Chanda 2017-05-13

Ok ok

Posted by jeric delos santos 2017-05-13

App needs WiFi access to process photo and show filters

Posted by Pradip Ghosh 2017-05-13

Good to make funny photo

Posted by Stev Sihura 2017-05-13

Thank you

Posted by Sania Rahaman 2017-05-12

Now bad

Posted by Visakh Vijayan 2017-05-12

Just for fun

Posted by Sirajuddin ddin 2017-05-12


Posted by Zacharias Ersa 2017-05-12

Can you make the photo editing into full pict. For landscape even for portrait type.. Not only just available in square pict. I'm VIP member I would love to have that new editing features..

Posted by Evan Huang 2017-05-12

It's okay, nothing too exciting and it's not very well done.

Posted by Subhadeep Mitra 2017-05-12

Good.more filters should be added

Posted by Jeff Orr 2017-05-12

Paid $3.99 for the pro version, and nothing changed. What did i pay for if nothing was added to the app?

How to download and install FaceApp on Android/PC

Download Faceapp Apps (apk) for Android/ PC/ Windows

If smartphones with perfect cameras don’t satisfy you, it‘s time to exploit smartphone’s other functionality. Then thousands of smart image-editing applications were born to help taking selfies and photography to a new level but with tech-savvy generation today, these aren’t all. They need more special. Thus, this is the reason why FaceApp was created, it uses artificial intelligence to create “neural face transformations” such as aging your selfie or turning you the opposite gender.
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Why you should have FaceApp installed:

FaceApp is a smart app with all the rage that you will want to try it right away.
The awesome part is you don’t have to take selfie to use it because it connects with camera roll and you can pick some images you have been storing to try filters.
FaceApp includes many amazing filters you can opt for adding a smile to your face, or make yourself look younger or older than your age, along with spark also gives you a free Sephora make-up and change your gender if you fancy it. While other apps add elements that are fake clearly, FaceApp startlingly gives realistic results. At least in some case, images are actually pretty convincing, look even like nothing change at all.
If that isn’t enough, you can create a nice collage by selecting pictures from your collection and ready to share.
Especially, FaceApp uses images from your phone’s library but you can click a fresh selfie within the app. The best part of using images from library is that app will automatically scan them and only pick those images where your face is clear thus saving you a lot of time in selecting images.

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1. Install Android emulator on your PC
2. Download FaceApp for PC here and save to your PC
3. Accept softwares installed from external sources if your phones don’t allow this before (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
4. Open Android Emulator on your PC
5. Drag or Add FaceApp apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some seconds.
6. FaceApp installed on your PC, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy.
*(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download FaceApp apk for Mac

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FaceApp on Google Play

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