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Posted by Jimin's lost fat 2017-07-04

Why you put cockroach on my faceu!!

Posted by 2017-06-30

Photo quality is very poor after the effect

Posted by mintu biswas 2017-06-28


Posted by sunno parvez 2017-06-27


Posted by Elijah Softley 2017-06-27

Nope, there's very little actual AI here - my younger self doesn't look anything like this app generates. Also the resulting images are ugly as hell, as if traits of other faces have been superimposed over mine.

Posted by Valerie Kilgallen 2017-06-26

It's so damn slow to prepair the image I never got to try anything fun... sux

Posted by Samantha Miles 2017-06-24


Posted by Howard Kuo 2017-06-22

You used to have handsome or whatever it's called. Now it's gone.. waste of money to buy pro...

Posted by Ian Saul 2017-06-20

After taking a picture it dont load the picture

Posted by Its YodaSpock 2017-06-20

This app is pure poison. What a retarded app doesnt even work.

Posted by 2017-06-20

I don't know how to save this in gallery

Posted by 2017-06-18

Processing take lots of time

Posted by Thimo Verleije-van Oosten 2017-06-17

why do you have to pay for this app? the features are minimal... it's quite disappointing actually.

Posted by yucel kekic 2017-06-16

Doesn't work.

Posted by Bobby McGonigle 2017-06-16

Too much money for so little. I expected more options with the full options. I guess i was too naive to think that. I really could have been fine with the free option.

Posted by Elle Beddows 2017-06-16

It's good but taking a selfie is bad

Posted by Christian Urias 2017-06-15

Disapointed. Makes rainbows instead of making my 3 year old brother smile. And it looks terrifying.

Posted by 2017-06-14

Uhm..i just really didnt like it. It wasnt good at doing anything, really

Posted by 2017-06-14

Theetta app

Posted by Eswaran Kala 2017-06-13

Not gives changes

Posted by Ashley Campbell 2017-06-12

Very limited

Posted by 2017-06-11

improve the quality of camera

Posted by Umberto Tozzato 2017-06-11

Doesn't works as good as it used to. M2F looks like a pasted preset now. Also, the young filter thinks I'm black. I'M NOT, i am Caucasian White under any parameter. I feel very offended by this, as the app makes racial discrimination by giving more importance to black people.

Posted by Nathan Rasmussen 2017-06-09

Used to work but for the past week it just freezes when I try to process any picture. Reinstalling didn't help. Useless.

Posted by Dan Maginnis 2017-06-09

Its a fun app but i have no idea what i just paid for with the full version... Seems like a pointless purchase, it says "more features" and it doesn't say what they are anywhere! I feel misled.

Posted by 2017-06-08

I went throw like 8 mcr songs and it still won't load

Posted by jorgen T 2017-06-08

Only one option to change!

Posted by Nicholas Kirkham 2017-06-07

For people who purchased the app, you should have the option of downloading any filter as a whole image instead of just as a collage

Posted by astria pangesti 2017-06-07


Posted by AKOSIBCEJ B 2017-06-02

Better if there are more effects and an option to manually adjust the face but it's good on itself actually.

Posted by RandomQuentin Bad Videos 2017-05-31

Bring back the "hot" filter.

Posted by R G 2017-05-30

Unable to remove filter watermark or do a full picture with all filters, even after paying.

Posted by Alison Rose 2017-05-30

Just no!

Posted by Hassan Abbas Computer Techonolgy 2017-05-30

I run this aap on my QMOBILE S6....when i select any picture it just load and load and load but it never finish.. Plzz fixxx thisss

DeletePosted by O Bishbishy 2017-05-30

No save

Posted by Paul Swarthout 2017-05-29

Too simplistic. Can only choose to alter smiles or gender or to "old" or "young". There are no variations on the predetermined changes. Also, you choose the photo to use as a reverse chronological list of all of the photos on your phone. I have thousands of photos and I don't want to scan through them in chronological order to find a photo from last year.

Posted by vishal sharma 2017-05-28

It does not find face

Posted by Farrah Tatyana Bagayas 2017-05-28

I paid for the premium. Photos still the same. Not much choices. The female is rubbish.. needs a lot of improvement. Wasted my money

Posted by 2017-05-27

So slow to process the picture

Posted by Cameron Bridger 2017-05-26

Only 6 settings.... Kind of ridiculous how popular this is

Posted by Ajith Kumar 2017-05-25

Not responding

Posted by Sakthivignesh Mk 2017-05-23

Tooooooooo slooooooooo

Posted by Sanjib Mishra 2017-05-23

Not so good, but it does good sometimes, in some purpose

Posted by Dipjyoti Baruah 2017-05-22

I've purchased the pro feature, i can remove the watermark but there is still an emoji on the left side which is really annoying fix this please unless there is no use of purchasing the pro feature because the emoji is as annoying as the watermark.

Posted by Fawad Jani 2017-05-22

Its not working

Posted by tariq milton 2017-05-22

No bad

Posted by Emily Peel 2017-05-21

Doesn't work; won't get past 'processing photo.

Posted by pavithra thirumurugan 2017-05-21

I simply disliked it..

Posted by manoj kumar 2017-05-20


Posted by Badora Strome 2017-05-20

Young face look like asian person

Posted by david stefan 2017-05-19

Why its stuck in the proccesing section right after i take the picture?

Posted by Ibrahim Ulf Karlsson 2017-05-19

Otroligt dåligt resultat

Posted by 2017-05-19

The photo takes a of time for processing... i did not even the app yet... can say me wat problem it?

Posted by J Quentin Burns 2017-05-18

Great programming but I paid for it and it won't let you download but half the filters.

Posted by Prabu B 2017-05-18


Posted by Califas Meowz 2017-05-18

Freezes up my phone when trying to open a picture. I had to remove it from my phone.

Posted by Jillu Dhivan 2017-05-18

this app is waste

Posted by 2017-05-17

Its take too much time on processing ... Im waiting for a lot of time to see the magics... But .... It just and Only processing

Posted by Anandhu Vs 2017-05-17

App was not processing photos..

Posted by Potato 2017-05-17

Doesn't do anything, except for taking photos,it's lame

Posted by ALLEN SAM IMMANUEL 2017-05-17

Not working

Posted by Jeffrey Dotson 2017-05-16

I give this only a two star rating. It works great the first couple of times but after that gets stuck analyzing the new pics. I know that it is not just my phone because I see others in the reviews having the same issue. Uninstalling this app. May reinstall if I hear of more bugs being worked out.

Posted by The adventures of maddog 2017-05-16

The teeth on the smiles are what nightmares are build on, the male filter did nothing, the old filter worked ok for the eyes but nothing else. Looks nothing like the photos they put up. Was a dissapointment.

Posted by Mark Lane 2017-05-16

Some stuff works well even if it makes people lighter. Though I am sure that was just mistake.

Posted by MoViE TrAiLeRs 2017-05-16

I can't open Gallary from Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Posted by 2017-05-16

How To save pic

Posted by Roger Worsley 2017-05-16

Very difficult to position the head for the app to accept, and then freezes while processing the image!

Posted by Ryanetta Wibert 2017-05-15

This app is not free purchases.. 5 star for free app..

Posted by 2017-05-15

Can't using in my phone

Posted by Denny Oei 2017-05-15

Bad app! Not good as I expected.

Posted by 2017-05-14

I dont even get this one yet.. My internet connection is not the problem..the point is.. Why it doesnt work !!!!??!?!?!!

Posted by Preston Tsang 2017-05-14

They took out something that was vreat

Posted by Alfie Morgan 2017-05-14

Glitch-y and bad. None of my photos turned out good.

Posted by Caitlin Williams 2017-05-14

Downloaded for the 'spark' filter that no longer exists... Where did it go???

Posted by salem salem 2017-05-14


Posted by sk jalandhara 2017-05-14

Very good apps

Posted by Ibrar Gillani 2017-05-14

After installing it works only once or twice After that it stops working.

Posted by ahmed mossa 2017-05-13

not working any more

Posted by Hassin Arshad 2017-05-13

It keeps loading after i capture my photo and doesnot move furthur in my lg g flex 2 f 510l

Posted by Neelkamal Gupta 2017-05-13

Not fast reply

Posted by 2017-05-13

It's good but. I am using an ACER tablet and I can't insert photos from my gallery. r.s.v.p

Posted by Irfan Efan 2017-05-13

It take time to process photo

Posted by Sipun kumar biswal 2017-05-13


Posted by peaceful puppy 2017-05-12

Posted by Shenzy Marrie 2017-05-12

It is funny but sometimes the quality is sooo bad you can see the templates the are being used merged poorly with your face and it's awful, especially smile 1 you can practically see the girl's face on top of yours, male template is very subtle so there is barely and difference and the female filters make you look cross-eyed or it closes your eye, the smile 2 and old filter work the best

Posted by David Speers 2017-05-12

Tried this app with several photos that obviously had clear faces. It said it couldn't find a face in these photos. ??

Posted by Matt Ingram 2017-05-12

Removing filters only a week after charging people for a pro version is pretty low.

Posted by Lee D 2017-05-12

False advertising in the preview images on the Play Store.

Posted by 2017-05-11

Hmmm , its not working .. when i already capture da photo it just says processing like for so long ... why is it like dat ?..

Posted by Awkward Abby 2017-05-11

It wouldn't process any of my photos

Posted by T Chandru 2017-05-11

Very poor but nice

Posted by Hex.y2 , 2017-05-11

I couldn't even get one picture to upload Not worth it

Posted by 5 Ting 2017-05-11

I can't save full photo,only croped one

Posted by 2017-05-10

cant process without wifi connection

Posted by Mohammad Afandi 2017-05-10

Stuck on processing

Posted by Mujtanibah Monjur 2017-05-10


Posted by Mijanur Rahman Parvez 2017-05-10

I don't like

Posted by 2017-05-10

Over timing is prossesing

Posted by Ponciano Quirido 2017-05-10

Love it

Posted by Marc Joseph Gerland Marasigan 2017-05-10

Would be better if we could save at higher resolutions

Posted by 2017-05-09

But female is not uesing

Posted by Anjar Saputra 2017-05-09

It does not go pass beyond the processing phase. It just stuck there

Posted by chithra jayaskara 2017-05-09

It takes long time

Posted by 2017-05-09

Terrible Makes your face wide and short and says "there should be only one face here" when your take a picture

Posted by Jason Barrett 2017-05-09

Garbage photoshop junk

Posted by 2017-05-09

It... it doesn't work

Posted by Kaviru Gunaratne 2017-05-09

Tried and tried, but they took so long, and after all that waiting, it can't find a face. I thought this was a face editor, not an insulting app.

Posted by Joe Blogs 2017-05-09

The only two filters that work well to a certain degree are the old and the smile ones. There isn't much on offer other than that.

Posted by anil Tadapakala 2017-05-09

Superb app

Posted by Nohar Lal Nishad 2017-07-29

Very slow processing.

Posted by Gainerthegopher Bob 2017-07-28

Paid for the app but some options still not available, makes me not want to buy apps.

Posted by Dayna Toftegaard 2017-07-28

Every time i took a photo it would just go round in circles and the screen would go black, which is such a shame as it seems like a great app.

Posted by Forrest Roche 2017-07-22

"can't find face".... EVERY PHOTO

Posted by Kiko Piloton 2017-07-21

Its all in payment

Posted by Carol Collet 2017-07-21

I didnt like it cause it doesnt work like it says

Posted by An Si 2017-07-20

No matter what picture I took, it just said no face detectable. So I couldn't use it.

Posted by Amar Channel 25 2017-07-18


Posted by Nick Healey 2017-07-16

It's pretty cool, but most of the time it says it can't find a face. Pretty disappointing

Posted by Desy Purwaningsih 2017-07-09

More characters face

Posted by Adam Hamilton 2017-07-08

6 years ago so had already seen a better implimentation if this which also made more convincing race and gender swaps. This App is shamefully retarded by compare. **/*****

Posted by Alexandra Tilbrook 2017-07-07

Same "cannot find a face" error that everyone is getting. Sorry, if Facebook can find a face and let you tag it, I'm damn sure that it's not that difficult to do the same. I got software on my Raspberry Pi that can find a face in less than a second. I am the only one in the picture. And what "oval" are you going on about? I didn't see one. Uninstalled.

Posted by Redundant Jovian Thor 2017-07-07

It's potential is hampered by the limitations and internet requirement. It's okay, i like it, but i strongly dislike its inability to work offline.

Posted by M M S 2017-05-11

I can't save full photo,only croped one

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