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Posted by paul smith 2017-11-30

Good don't know what say

Posted by AMRIT DEY 2017-11-30

It's good

Posted by Julie Lundberg 2017-11-30


Posted by Sahil Dhingla 2017-11-30

Artificial Intelligence put to great use here! Awesome job Devs, keep improving.

Posted by Shubhadeep Das 2017-11-30

Nice app

Posted by Angela Toe 2017-11-30

Perfect amazing

Posted by Anwar STR 2017-11-30

Awesome app

Posted by fenet mulugeta 2017-11-30

I Haven't seen anything like this

Posted by Mrh Mrh 2017-11-30


Posted by Chucky boss 2017-11-30


Posted by Jason Nixon 2017-11-30

Great app

Posted by 2017-11-30

Funny App

Posted by Ronald Puthiyaveetil 2017-11-30

Its quite enjoyable

Posted by mohamed khaled 2017-11-30

Fantastic. Very good

Posted by Ганбаяр Б. 2017-11-30

Nice app

Posted by Henry Iglesia 2017-11-30

It's very interesting, not the most acurate face recognizer but it's better than what I've seen.

Posted by Ankit Kanojiya 2017-11-30

Nice app

Posted by junaid baba 2017-11-30

Its really Worth

Posted by raj m 2017-11-30

Nice app ... I it would b nice if u add more facial expressions ...

Posted by sardesh imran 2017-11-30


Posted by 2017-11-30

I love it. it is the Best app

Posted by Ningombam Sana 2017-11-30


Posted by GABRIEL AK 2017-11-30

Soooo awesome

Posted by whytemell mell 2017-11-30

Best of the best...

Posted by Niwahang Angbuhang 2017-11-30


Posted by 2017-11-30

Too many limitations, teasers, and not very user-friendly. Very confusing.

Posted by Franco Godoy 2017-11-30

Love the filters, needs more variety at least in paid version

Posted by DJ Dj 2017-11-30

It's fantastic

Posted by 2017-11-30

It is best app for

Posted by Vishnu Gadhari 2017-11-30


Posted by Abdul Alam 2017-11-30


Posted by Anwar Sha 2017-11-29

wonderful, I never before use a app like this.this is awsome

Posted by Sajid Ghaffar 2017-11-29

NYC app

Posted by Andi Wulur 2017-11-29

Good app

Posted by Tim Xenakis 2017-11-29

Banning any technology that has the potential to be abused is not the way the world should work in my opinion.

Posted by Zoloo Buya 2017-11-29

i need free face app pro

Posted by Priyanka Sajja 2017-11-29

Loved it before but why did u guys remove the spark option ! I was using faceapp ONLY coz of that ! That's why I m uninstalling this app now! Very disappointed !

Posted by aayush shrestha 2017-11-29

Lplz make more filters available in free version

Posted by The wierdo 2017-11-29

Used it trolll my friends.

Posted by 2017-11-29

When it did open, it made me feel better when I had a bad day. ^-^ Unfortunately, it kept crashing when I needed it most, so I uninstalled it. -_-

Posted by Lammeroj Palmero 2017-11-29


Posted by Mans Firmansyah 2017-11-29


Posted by issam ahmed 2017-11-29

Great app

Posted by Prasanna Pradhan 2017-11-29

It's very funny apps

Posted by fatima oulkaid 2017-11-29


Posted by Adil khan 2017-11-29

Awesome app

Posted by 2017-11-29

Real innovation. Underrated.

Posted by MASAABA JAMES 2017-11-29

Great experience

Posted by siti ismail 2017-11-29

It is totally bad i really hate this app

Posted by Muhammad Abrar Khan 2017-11-29

It's sooooo funny

Posted by N.S. world 2017-11-29

Awesome funny

Posted by Donnah Reyes 2017-11-29

I can't connect to internet whenever I try the style options even I have strong internet connection. Pls fix this

Posted by Anil Shasani 2017-11-29

Faltu app

Posted by juztin Haber 2017-11-29


Posted by abhinav mutnejA 2017-11-29

Awesome! A fun app to have

Posted by SMIT SHAH 2017-11-29

Worst edit app ever

Posted by Albert Lino 2017-11-29

It no longer recognizes faces, even with the most clear photos. I've tried photos that the app recognized before in my photo roll to no avail... oh well time to try another app.

Posted by Nou Sambo 2017-11-29


Posted by sharma Sharma 2017-11-29

Do this free

Posted by 2017-11-29

it's very easy to use..funny app..useful

Posted by zabi Vlogs 2017-11-29

I love it

Posted by Ashutosh Kushwaha 2017-11-29

Lol, that's funny.

Posted by Jaspreet Barn 2017-11-29

Good app

Posted by Dhamo Dharan 2017-11-29

Thevidiya pasagaluku lama varuma

Posted by Sean Santiago 2017-11-29

nice app hahaha

Posted by Irfan Abdelrahman 2017-11-29

More styil

Posted by Carl Sevilla 2017-11-29

haha i love this app!

Posted by hristijan spirovski 2017-11-29

Really good

Posted by RANJIT SAHA 2017-11-29


Posted by Osmosis Omni 2017-11-29

fun and trippy

Posted by Zahid Islam 2017-11-29

just wow

Posted by শেষ থেকে শুরু 2017-11-29


Posted by Lee Van Wyk 2017-11-29

Was great fun!!

Posted by How To Do 2017-11-29

Awesome App

Posted by Rodz Macalawi 2017-11-29

Nice Apps

Posted by nige zac Buenaventura 2017-11-29


Posted by susan francia 2017-11-29

love it

Posted by Emma Devenish 2017-11-29

I was in a bad mood because plants vs zombies 2 but this got me happy

Posted by krishna kumar 2017-11-29

Amazing app but sometimes add s bore u

Posted by Dineth Root 2017-11-29


Posted by 2017-11-29

keep doing your Work! We love You

Posted by 2017-11-28

I gave it a 5 because it's fun and funny

Posted by Deepak Raj Pant 2017-11-28

It's a great app with a lot of surprise. But I want more surprises. Please add more hair style, different looks etc.

Posted by deepak jain 2017-11-28

Love it...

Posted by Usman Ali Khan 2017-11-28

Super awesome and flawless. Loved it.

Posted by Mufasum 2017-11-28


Posted by wee lee 2017-11-28


Posted by Vamsi Chand 2017-11-28

It good

Posted by 2017-11-28

I'm so scary and ugly when I'm old wth!!

Posted by Jen Tzong Lim 2017-11-28

Funny & entertaining!

Posted by mohammad abu baker siddique 2017-11-28

It should be free

Posted by sunderkumar maibram 2017-11-28

Its fun, very funny but the look of my smile is worse hahahahah n old looks like some one hahah

Posted by Zk Khan 2017-11-28

The best editor

Posted by Taylor Bushar 2017-11-28

Hated it

Posted by 2017-11-28

Nice program I like it

Posted by Gavin Brown 2017-11-28

It was good until you removed the different race edits, liberals ruin everything...

Posted by Patrick Clarke 2017-11-28

Very impressive

Posted by Garen Leong 2017-11-28

Funny app...

Posted by Cali Togdheer 2017-11-28

This app is wonderful app

FaceappPosted by 2017-11-28

it's a normal but good work

Posted by Liam 2017-11-28

it gets 5

Posted by Kh Bg 2017-11-28

I want the Spark button back please!

Posted by Sainath Karanjavkar 2017-11-28


Posted by Ohmsakthi vel R 2017-11-28

nice app to use....

Posted by Faka Rhindaman 2017-11-28

Wowmazing apps,, greatt

Posted by Salim Ahmed 2017-11-28

It's sooooo funny

Posted by Lyza Rańada 2017-11-28

Pls fix bugs

Posted by 2017-11-28

Mood swings and much more

Posted by Pradipta Sengupta 2017-11-28

Wonderful face morpher

Posted by HANY JACOB 2017-11-28

Good app

Posted by RQ Tech 2017-11-28

Awesome app

Posted by ambika mehtre 2017-11-28

Soo much fun

Posted by Vannak Phorn 2017-11-28


Posted by 2017-11-27

very bad app..

Posted by Mayur Bora 2017-11-27


Posted by Tarun kumar behera 2017-11-27

So nice and beautiful

Posted by Ashween girish 2017-11-27


Posted by 2017-11-27

It doesn't let you go to style I pressed it and you have to buy it

Posted by Thil Bandara 2017-11-27


Posted by Trinity Lynch 2017-11-27

I wish they had the race filter back IT WAS SO FUN. Sometimes it looks very real and at other times my face looks so deformed and weird. I like it tho I suggest u get it

Posted by zeba adeel 2017-11-27

Good app but not free

Posted by rohit rai 2017-11-27

Worst app ever plzz don't dwnld it

Posted by Jawad technical videos 2017-11-27

Acha ha nice

Posted by I love india Jai hind 2017-11-27


Posted by Craig Thompson 2017-11-27

Does what it says on the tin, pity that you can't buy the app for less though.

Posted by Shlomo Meshkov 2017-11-27

Why should I see your watermarks in pro version? I paid you to much not to see your logo. I'm not going to promote you for my money. Regarding app itself. It does not cost money they ask. Toy for couple minutes. Not to much effects to be satisfied. Honestly, it's a pity they do not propose refund. Stupid, unuseful app. Can not recommend it

Posted by guillermo polanco 2017-11-27

too many adds

Posted by Cris Alfonso Dinopoehl 2017-11-27

Most of the default choices are not impressive. You can only get the best when buying the pro version. Another money-making app. DO NOT install it.

Posted by Ayyan Khan 2017-11-27


Posted by spriha trendz 2017-11-27

Gr8 app

Posted by Sanusi akinkunmi moshood 2017-11-27


Posted by arghya chatterjee 2017-11-27

Nice app

Posted by Hafiz Khan 2017-11-27

App is ok

Posted by praveen raja 2017-11-27

It's not working............no sense App Asking for network even I have 4g..

Posted by Major Emmanuel Kumi 2017-11-27

It's cool

Posted by neal kelley 2017-11-27


Posted by Ingaramoorthi Surendran 2017-11-27


Posted by Carlos Martinez 2017-11-27

bring back Race filters

Posted by Pandabear Lee 2017-11-27

After a lil while it got boring so I give it a 4

Posted by Nabiha Zaidi 2017-11-27

Great app

Posted by Anu Arora 2017-11-27

I think it is a good app

Posted by abbas akbari 2017-11-27

به سختی به سرورش وصل میشه

Posted by sreejith sree 2017-11-27

Nice app

Posted by 2017-11-27

Awesome. Really good, especially to make friends look funny

Posted by Cole Barrett 2017-11-27


Posted by Mitaire Efe 2017-11-27

I like it

Posted by Stoian Stoianov 2017-11-27

Good app

Posted by 2017-11-27

Vs exited &time pas

Posted by suvam dash 2017-11-27

Love it

Posted by 2017-11-27

Funny app

Posted by Ravindra Kumar 2017-11-27


Posted by c mapes 2017-11-27

When an app says I have to be online to take a picture...nope nope nope. Ininstall

Posted by Subham Padhy 2017-11-27

Unbelievable.But Still Would Have Been Better If There Were More Styles & Effects

Posted by JohnVincent Delarama 2017-11-27


Posted by محمود الشافعى بدير 2017-11-27


Posted by Roushan J. 2017-11-27

Processing a foto takes enough time, in which I can finish my all day work. Please make it fast, it's damn slow.

Posted by khushal jadhav 2017-11-27


Posted by Jonathan Hillier 2017-11-27


Posted by Mk Malik 2017-11-27


Posted by Alfredo Cantu 2017-11-27

Waist of time, doesn't work on Note 8

Posted by Sotiris Danos 2017-11-27

Fun free and f'*:*: nice

Posted by Sunday Dafe 2017-11-27

I find it very interesting, I shall rate again after use

Posted by Jay Ram 2017-11-27

Wow nice app..... Loved it very much

Posted by Islamic World 2017-11-27

Not good..

Posted by Rustam Yunusov 2017-11-27

So funny!

Posted by ESSERO MAFURU 2017-11-26


Posted by Bittu Sharma 2017-11-26


Posted by 2017-11-26

App itself is nice, but it came with unwanted ads pop-ups and ads on lock screen.

Posted by aakhyan extreme 2017-11-26

Awesome faceapp

Posted by SHATOVISHA 2017-11-26


Posted by Vishnu M 2017-11-26

Good app

Posted by 2017-11-26

Old version was much better I think.o option to face bright is not available in this new version,falme or hot,something like that is missing.... I need it back....

Posted by Jose Rivera 2017-11-26

Its so weird. But it works. I look so much like my female cousins n aunts it was creepy. At leats theyre gorgeous females. So no complaints. Lol

Posted by Razi Khan 2017-11-26

I will give you five star if you remove pro version option and make this whole features free of use

Posted by Kalab Mulugeta 2017-11-26

It tells you in the feature

Posted by Lisa Mears 2017-11-26

Just made a cat have teeth, hilarious!!! Couldn't believe how it made me look young and beautiful too! Five stars from me!!!

Posted by Nando Godoy 2017-11-26

great app!

Posted by peter oluwafemi 2017-11-26

Why must I make a collage!!!

Posted by the shot serving nerd 2017-11-26


Posted by Ali .G 2017-11-26

Nice app

Posted by GamerWarrior03 2017-11-26

Amazing app

Posted by Steven Mdee 2017-11-26

Nice app

Posted by Avskygod0 2017-11-26


Posted by Kassy Boo Babeh Abigail 2017-11-26

My mom laughed when I put on the old filter on her

Posted by Dor Rada 2017-11-26

Too many ads!

Posted by 2017-11-26

haha "we could not find a face in the picture" .... no matter how many pics I tried.

Posted by Dark Death 2017-11-26

Iyi,fakat daha cok efekt eklenirse harika olur.

Posted by dawn marquardt 2017-11-26

Would not work

Posted by Happy Moments 2017-11-26


Posted by Chris Bard 2017-11-26

Amazing. Just turned my wife into a supermodel!

Posted by Dwi Priyanto 2017-11-26

Great apps

Posted by Mohammad Naser 2017-11-26

اجمل التطبيق

Posted by Lionnel Pinto 2017-11-26


shahadat hossenPosted by shahadat hossen 2017-11-26

sakil ahmed

Posted by Maddie Bell 2017-11-26

I love this app and in parts is funny

Posted by vidhya sagar acharya 2017-11-26


Posted by denis a 2017-11-26

The it's cool

Posted by S Smith 2017-11-26

The cool stuff in the store preview can not even be accessed without the Pro version

Posted by shiva shankar 2017-11-26

Video ad is not working pro style, every time it shows no ad available, so how can i get the view in full screen..?

Posted by Sachidanand Shenoy 2017-11-26

It's a nice app bt it should improve beard and thick hair also plzz update

How to download and install FaceApp on Android/PC

Download Faceapp Apps (apk) for Android/ PC/ Windows

If smartphones with perfect cameras don’t satisfy you, it‘s time to exploit smartphone’s other functionality. Then thousands of smart image-editing applications were born to help taking selfies and photography to a new level but with tech-savvy generation today, these aren’t all. They need more special. Thus, this is the reason why FaceApp was created, it uses artificial intelligence to create “neural face transformations” such as aging your selfie or turning you the opposite gender.
And if your devices aren’t compatible with downloading, this pure FaceApp apk here is the best for you.

Why you should have FaceApp installed:

FaceApp is a smart app with all the rage that you will want to try it right away.
The awesome part is you don’t have to take selfie to use it because it connects with camera roll and you can pick some images you have been storing to try filters.
FaceApp includes many amazing filters you can opt for adding a smile to your face, or make yourself look younger or older than your age, along with spark also gives you a free Sephora make-up and change your gender if you fancy it. While other apps add elements that are fake clearly, FaceApp startlingly gives realistic results. At least in some case, images are actually pretty convincing, look even like nothing change at all.
If that isn’t enough, you can create a nice collage by selecting pictures from your collection and ready to share.
Especially, FaceApp uses images from your phone’s library but you can click a fresh selfie within the app. The best part of using images from library is that app will automatically scan them and only pick those images where your face is clear thus saving you a lot of time in selecting images.

Download FaceApp apk for free the latest version

Here at Faceappapk.online you can download absolutely free for the latest version and furiously work hard of taking proper selfies to test diferent shapes and give reviews like, maybe: SO FUNNY.

How to download FaceApp apk for Windows

As you know, Apk file is the optimal solution for devices having problems in downloading directly from Google Play or Apple Appstore, so if you are having similar difficulties in downloading FaceApp, follow steps below:
1. Install Android emulator on your PC
2. Download FaceApp for PC here and save to your PC
3. Accept softwares installed from external sources if your phones don’t allow this before (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
4. Open Android Emulator on your PC
5. Drag or Add FaceApp apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some seconds.
6. FaceApp installed on your PC, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy.
*(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download FaceApp apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

FaceApp on Google Play

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