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Posted by All is well Channel 2017-07-07

Good app

Posted by Zaryan lee 2017-07-07

Awesome app

Posted by Muhibbul Mursalin 2017-07-06


Posted by Nima Ambhurkar 2017-07-06


Posted by Ivan Hidayat 2017-07-06

Fun photo editting app that works pretty good most of the time.

Posted by NC P. 2017-07-06

just have fun

Posted by Rosleey Qadir 2017-07-06


Posted by Gaendra Dangi 2017-07-06


Posted by Heather Crawford 2017-07-06

Really cool. Especially the smile part. I have really ugly teeth and the smile one shows me how pretty I could look if only I could afford to get my teeth fixed.

Posted by Ranier Duquez 2017-07-06


Posted by christopher christ 2017-07-06

It gives happy

Posted by Wachira Chonlatarn 2017-07-06

Great app..

Posted by Evelyn Lomeli 2017-07-06


Posted by PokekonGo :3 2017-07-06


Posted by Joseph Leo Manzanilla 2017-07-06

Not bad

Posted by Bala Murugan 2017-07-06


Posted by 2017-07-06

O. S. M

Posted by Shianne Vinnett 2017-07-06


Posted by Ben Hadfield 2017-07-06

I like the spark button

Posted by fun time kaylee 2017-07-06

It was cool fam

Posted by 2017-07-06

This is very super

Posted by veronica Kasendo 2017-07-06


Posted by Prudhvi Raj Kumar 2017-07-06

This is so cool... Loved this

Posted by Soumya Ranjan Mohanty 2017-07-06

Processing photo... Unable to proceed further

Posted by carmelito takiang jr. 2017-07-06

i love this app..

Posted by Jagdiesh Jaggu 2017-07-05

Good one

Posted by Ethan Frazier 2017-07-05

This Is Ligitness

Posted by 2017-07-05

Damn it .It is sooo Cool

Posted by WinterturninG Studios 2017-07-05


Posted by Book Lover's Son 2017-07-05

Not good. Definitely not going to be like the pictures I saw. Also, it took a long time to download.

Posted by Berfin Yamaç 2017-07-05


Posted by Mamadi Dailami 2017-07-05


Posted by Somenkumar Das 2017-07-05

Nice app....

Posted by MrViveknaren 2017-07-05

Its fun

Posted by Mia Bojat 2017-07-05


Posted by Dipak sp 2017-07-05


Posted by Fon Gal 2017-07-05


Posted by Shan Raj 2017-07-05


Posted by Jimin's lost fat 2017-07-05

Why you put cockroach on my faceu!!

Posted by 2017-07-05

install হতে অনেক দেরি

Posted by Emerala 2017-07-05

I couldn't use it whatsoever, I tried for 30 mins trying to take the photo and all just for it to say each time "Make sure only one person is in the photo" and it was just me. I'm not fat so I have no idea why it thinks I'm two people. Also I tried using photos of me I had taken at another time. "Couldn't find face" everytime. I don't recommend this

Posted by Anthoneth Castillo 2017-07-05

This is good

Posted by Mosa Mia 2017-07-05


Posted by Shahal P 2017-07-05

Good application

Posted by surya kumar 2017-07-05

Nice app and it's use ful

Posted by nicholas munroe 2017-07-05

The app works vary good but you have to take the pic out side of the app for it to work

Posted by Rs Giasuddin Rs Giasuddin 2017-07-05


Posted by Arief Hartono 2017-07-05

Very good

Posted by Katherine Ortiz 2017-07-05

It is okay not the funnnest yet not the best

Posted by Teuku Miftah Ibrahim 2017-07-05

Good app for fun

Posted by Connor Rinehart 2017-07-04

This app is pure sorcery. How it manages to edit these photos must have cost a sacrifice. Comfortable UI and easy to use features. Incredible.

Posted by Dendy Wandana 2017-07-04

Very good.. I like it

Posted by Glitter Mia 2017-07-04

Miranda Sings used it so I just had to get the app! and it was good

Posted by Ken Zhen 2017-07-04


Posted by Tobias Telhrum 2017-07-04

It's really fun! I love being able to change and morph people's faces. One complaint though; I have to use a collage to use the male/female filters. Not happy about that.

Posted by Jbgixer1000 tenakali 2017-07-04

It does nothing nothing other then pretty much add some effects like any other photo editor apps do and that is it nothing like it claims to do in the description and nothing but a waste of space and time and brain use dont even fall for this scam app

Posted by John Walker 2017-07-04

Loads of fun! The "smile" filters can be hilarious, and the wife and I got a good laugh from changing our sexes. I love that there was an ad-free IAP , too. Well worth it.

Posted by sibi karthi 2017-07-04


Posted by Nathaniel Khattar 2017-07-04

When ever I the a picture It gets all blurry and is so fake.

Posted by Kamrul Islam Shamim 2017-07-04

great app

Posted by Wolf Gang 2017-07-04

Posted by Jahirul Islam Bappy 2017-07-04

So funny app

Posted by Deniz Sarisoy 2017-07-04

Very bad

Posted by kousik samanta 2017-07-04

It's awesome

Posted by Sooraj R Nair 2017-07-04


Posted by Kazi Arman 2017-07-04

love it

faltuPosted by 2017-07-04


Posted by Drummer & Organist Bobby 2017-07-04

You gotta have some rules to take your pictures and edit it.

Posted by Tommy Fusana 2017-07-04


Posted by Muhsina Pk 2017-07-04


Posted by Dattaram Jagtap 2017-07-04

Too good awesome

Posted by Alexis- AlexIsGaming 2017-07-03

Can u add things like for animals

Posted by Baboo Jaan 2017-07-03


Posted by Angga Adiwirya 2017-07-03

Great app..so hilarious see the old version of me

Posted by Prafulla Swain 2017-07-03

This app is very useful.

Posted by 2017-07-03

It is completely veereeee

Posted by Saketh Reddy 2017-07-03

It's creepily accurate.

Posted by Rafizah Zah 2017-07-03

I like it

Posted by arvind kujur 2017-07-03

Very nice app

Posted by Ravinder Yadav 2017-07-03

Good apps

Posted by SNAKE IX 2017-07-03

Nice but pls add more

Posted by Hiran awishka 2017-07-03

Awesome.. ☺️

Posted by Ruth Eleyinmi 2017-07-03

It made my face look funny, awful, weird and odd but I still like it

Posted by Nanyo Segura 2017-07-03

It will not work

Posted by Rajendran V 2017-07-03


Posted by 2017-07-03

Verynice and useful App

Posted by hijas j 2017-07-03

Superb App......

Posted by 2017-07-03

You can take a pic and then YOU can be female and male in colage mode only!

Posted by varatha raj 2017-07-03

It's ok

Posted by Gunawan Mahfudh 2017-07-03


Posted by Galuh Fajardini 2017-07-03


Posted by Poonam Bharti 2017-07-03


Posted by 2017-07-03

itts Funny

Posted by Mdazreen Zreen 2017-07-03


Posted by Lekhraj Gokhool 2017-07-03

Great app

Posted by Kamran Rabee Hamedane 2017-07-03

خیلی عالیه

Posted by Jos070797 2017-07-03

I recommend a scanner for the face.

Posted by Willy Suryaputra 2017-07-03

Not bad

Posted by Tyler kettle 2017-07-03

I dont get it. Both smile options, the spark option and the young option did absolutly nothing

Posted by Willy Sy 2017-07-03


Posted by Rohit Nayak 2017-07-02

Best app for editing

Posted by Lola Roberts 2017-07-02


Posted by Angel Alejos 2017-07-02

Looking at myself as a women feels weird

Posted by Sam Hatcher 2017-07-02

Put teeth on babies. Do it.

Posted by 2017-07-02

I wish this will work on animals and also have the hot filter

Posted by 2017-07-02

I loved it I was weird old thow

Posted by Sasha Mwangi 2017-07-02

Funny and fun

Posted by Dan Russell 2017-07-02

I gave 5 stars because what it does it does very well. I love the young option and the old but it would be great if it had better face detection for people looking at different angles. Even if we could select the face ourselves would help like you can in other apps. Select eyes mouth chin ears top of head. I think then it would work much better. It needs an offline mode as well so we can use without the net. A big flaw is that it crops the image to what you see in the top pane. Group photos get cropped way to much. What's worse is if you use a high mega pixel image. It gets massive amounts of cropping that looses a lot of the picture!

Posted by ketan deshmukh 2017-07-02


Posted by 2017-07-02

I can't believe I look like that

Posted by 2017-07-02


Posted by amal skyee 2017-07-02

Love's my old faces

Posted by karthik kasaraveina 2017-07-02

Super its amezing tq for made this app really i loved it!

Posted by TaSha Evans 2017-07-02

nice app

Posted by Lorraine Dalchow 2017-07-02

So creepy but so cool

Posted by Abhi W 2017-07-02

Pathetic processing speed

Posted by Dharam J Chitodiya 2017-07-02

Its very best good

Posted by playroblox Ahmed 2017-07-02

Is so good

Posted by Bonnie55400 Bonnie55 2017-07-02

I like Denis

Posted by Siddharth Rai 2017-07-02

Definitely funny...bt amazingly horrible as well... U shud work on d future self option... Creates d future image ever...

Posted by Nurul Amirah 2017-07-02


Posted by Ani Boom 2017-07-02

When I done smile the teeth weren't mine

Posted by Siddysky and Lodo2014 MasterChanel 2017-07-02


Posted by 2017-07-02

Ha ha ha...SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny For me... I made me old..HA HA HA... Thanks for to make a lovely Apps

Posted by mukunda HN 2017-07-02


Posted by Dhiren Kotadiya 2017-07-02


Posted by Chandan Ray 2017-07-02

Posted by Vicki Kopanska 2017-07-02

I love it

Posted by morteza pourjavaher 2017-07-02


Posted by ABDUS SHAIKH 2017-07-02


Posted by Gary Noel Lopez 2017-07-02

High res pic would really be awesome!

Posted by Deevend3 Deeven84 2017-07-02

I love it

Posted by Jalen Clark 2017-07-02

IDK know how you do it but it is amazing it's so realistic too. I love it you should know load it.

Posted by Md Ibrahim 2017-07-02

Amazing app..... Download and enjoy

Posted by David Waghmare 2017-07-01

Spark is nice option

Posted by Kashif Imran 2017-07-01


Posted by Josie Plays & More 2017-07-01

Awesome it is so well made

Posted by SANJAY KALATHIYA 2017-07-01


Posted by Aliveni Nellutla 2017-07-01


Posted by Freddy FF 2017-07-01


Posted by Ck Dapogi 2017-07-01

I,like it

Posted by 2017-07-01

Kinda funny, but not for me.

Posted by 2017-07-01

I made one of my teachers into a man can called Terrence

Posted by Georg Curnutt 2017-07-01

Pretty slick, though I only made it through one photo so far. Upgraded to Pro but nothing changed so Cancelled the $3.99 but still admire the App. When the Pro works on Pixel XL (near bleeding edge Android) I will gladly purchase the Pro version.

Posted by 2017-07-01


Posted by Joanna Ligmanowska 2017-07-01

I tried taking pictures and none worked

Posted by Dokter Abba 2017-07-01

Creative Apps

Posted by Cho Catis 2017-07-01

i love it

Posted by Dwren Michel 2017-07-01

Horrible and it's racists

Posted by Sharvin Tharnni Tharnni 2017-07-01

It's fabulously fantastic

Posted by Ghanshyam Barmera 2017-07-01


Posted by cristiano ronaldo 2017-07-01

Great aap

Posted by Gunasingh john thomas 2017-07-01

Love it!!!!! It's quite different and fantastic

Posted by Traian Dragut 2017-07-01

Is a good application to edit faces and some filters are fun. I really liked that they fix their bugs as originally I had an issue and they fixed it. The child and female 2 filters seem slightly bugged, but rest worked good.

Posted by TEKADON Google 2017-07-01


Posted by Anita Hasrul 2017-07-01

Hay what is yonem

Posted by Megan Bowman 2017-07-01

So addicted to this app!

Posted by Stacey Gilliver 2017-07-01


Posted by Hasan Akbar 2017-07-01

Love it

Posted by arifin nobel 2017-07-01

Funny app

Posted by dheraj kumar 2017-07-01

Amazing App love it

Posted by Abu sufian sufian 2017-07-01


Posted by 2017-07-01

Makes your pictures quality awful

Posted by David Greene 2017-07-01

Half the time it does not load

Posted by Ricky Noventa 2017-07-01

This may come handy for simple expression editing, ex toyphotograph

Posted by dead air dave 2017-07-01

Great apps

Posted by 2017-07-01

Photo quality is very poor after the effect

Posted by Al' Neil'Z 2017-07-01

I like this app...great ..

Posted by LintaN Chris DerpyHooves 2017-06-30

My church told me this

Posted by Donna Williams 2017-06-30

Great App!

Posted by Thowfiqul Islam 2017-06-30


Posted by diviyanathan adaikalam 2017-06-30

Good face changer

Posted by Lucius Rey 2017-06-30

Mind = Blown

Posted by Jolie Miller 2017-06-30

Simple, but does what it says.

Posted by Hamid Rana 2017-06-30

I like it.thanks dear

Posted by Tech-Shiil New-App 2017-06-30


Posted by a bashar 2017-06-30

very nice

Posted by Md Jowel Rana 2017-06-30

nice app to do fun

Posted by 2017-06-30

It's good but sometimes it doesn't work but generally it's so cool

Posted by sharif hussain 2017-06-30


Posted by setu bhattarai 2017-06-30

can't change downloaded picture

Posted by SHEKHAR KUMAR DUTTA 2017-06-30


Posted by projes dey 2017-06-30

this app soper

Posted by Mac Cleng 2017-06-30


Posted by Andrew Jensen 2017-06-30

Most stuff works except for the female filler

Posted by Aniyah Bogger 2017-06-30

It has great looks that make you look like the real thing and even though i still have braces it looked like i already took them off so that is how i gave 5 stars.

Posted by Ryoma Kun 2017-06-30

It so goo

Posted by Leo Bird 2017-06-30


Posted by 2017-06-30

Great job. I like it.

Posted by Santosh Kumar 2017-06-29

Beautiful thinking lol

Posted by 2017-06-29


Posted by Rose Twirl 2017-06-29

its ok

Posted by Angela Watson 2017-06-29

Would be better if we didn't have to make a collage just to try an affect.

Posted by Malaika Krishti 2017-06-29

well everything is fine but the export quality of the photo is too cheap nd worse

Posted by Emilio Ginatempo 2017-06-29

Small and simple app, very fun!

Posted by Roylee Burse Jr 2017-06-29

It's amazing but if you delete it it won't work again so choose wisely if if you want to delete it or not enjoy!

Posted by lavinia alteman 2017-06-29

Muito bom

Posted by Rahul Khatri 2017-06-29

More filters needed

Posted by Amal AG 2017-06-29

Add more expressions like crying, shocked, angry. It will be amazing!

Posted by Gil Cohen 2017-06-29


How to download and install FaceApp on Android/PC

Download Faceapp Apps (apk) for Android/ PC/ Windows

If smartphones with perfect cameras don’t satisfy you, it‘s time to exploit smartphone’s other functionality. Then thousands of smart image-editing applications were born to help taking selfies and photography to a new level but with tech-savvy generation today, these aren’t all. They need more special. Thus, this is the reason why FaceApp was created, it uses artificial intelligence to create “neural face transformations” such as aging your selfie or turning you the opposite gender.
And if your devices aren’t compatible with downloading, this pure FaceApp apk here is the best for you.

Why you should have FaceApp installed:

FaceApp is a smart app with all the rage that you will want to try it right away.
The awesome part is you don’t have to take selfie to use it because it connects with camera roll and you can pick some images you have been storing to try filters.
FaceApp includes many amazing filters you can opt for adding a smile to your face, or make yourself look younger or older than your age, along with spark also gives you a free Sephora make-up and change your gender if you fancy it. While other apps add elements that are fake clearly, FaceApp startlingly gives realistic results. At least in some case, images are actually pretty convincing, look even like nothing change at all.
If that isn’t enough, you can create a nice collage by selecting pictures from your collection and ready to share.
Especially, FaceApp uses images from your phone’s library but you can click a fresh selfie within the app. The best part of using images from library is that app will automatically scan them and only pick those images where your face is clear thus saving you a lot of time in selecting images.

Download FaceApp apk for free the latest version

Here at Faceappapk.online you can download absolutely free for the latest version and furiously work hard of taking proper selfies to test diferent shapes and give reviews like, maybe: SO FUNNY.

How to download FaceApp apk for Windows

As you know, Apk file is the optimal solution for devices having problems in downloading directly from Google Play or Apple Appstore, so if you are having similar difficulties in downloading FaceApp, follow steps below:
1. Install Android emulator on your PC
2. Download FaceApp for PC here and save to your PC
3. Accept softwares installed from external sources if your phones don’t allow this before (Settings -> Apps -> Unknown sources selected area)
4. Open Android Emulator on your PC
5. Drag or Add FaceApp apk file you downloaded (step 2) to the emulator and wait for some seconds.
6. FaceApp installed on your PC, now you can open it, follow instructions appearing on screen and enjoy.
*(Since Android is an open source platform, there are many for you to choose such as: Bluestacks, Nox, MEmu… for your PC)

How to download FaceApp apk for Mac

With the Mac, you can completely follow all above steps like for Windows.

FaceApp on Google Play

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